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April 2019 New employment Start of foreign human resources
  • ①:Change of qualifications from domestic residents, technical intern training graduates, graduates of study abroad, and highly qualified human resources
  • ②:Recalling former technical intern trainees residing overseas
  • ③:New hires of overseas students who have passed the Japanese language proficiency tests
  • Recruitment,application for documents,the learning of Japanese language education,housing arrangements,etc
  • Will be offered as a one-stop solutions
  • We can respond to customer requests and plans!
full support

As a Registered Support Organization

Colors will be entrusted with support works

Conditions of the host company

  • Appropriate empoloyment contracts with foreigners (remuneration amount is equal to or higher than Japanese)
  • ●Appropriate iplans to support foreigners
  • ●Appropriate institution itself (immigration within 5years no violation on labor law and regulations)
  • ●Various reports to the Immigration Office
  • ●There is no limit on the number of host organizations(enterprises)
  • ●Ensuring employment contracts signed with foreigners(paying remuneration appropriately)
foreign human resources
foreign workers overview
In addition,it is also possible to introduce you foreign students who seeking for part-time jobs,English teachers,and technical interns
  • Foreign workers overview
  • ●The number of foreigners residing in 2018 is approximately 2.73 million,and the number of foreign workers is 1,455 thousand(approximately doubled in the five years from 2014 to 2018)
  • ●270,000 people are in resident status(working visa,engineer,interpreter,etc.) in such of “technical/humanistic / international work,etc.”
  • ●35,000 people with “special life”status of residence (working visa internship,amateur athletes,etc.)
  • ●310,000 people are in resident status of “technical intern training( OJT ) ”Not a working visa / 3years training in 80 occupations,144 works”
  • ●340,000 people are international students (under no working visas status / available to work up to 28 hours per week ) with Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted
  • ●Status of residence based on status such as “permanent resident or Japanese assignee” (no restrictions on activities,non-Japanese of Japanese descents,permanent residence permit, Lapanese assignee,dependent,etc.) 500,000 people
New work 34.5 ten thousand people